For the first time, people in Paulding County and nearby communities have access to leading-edge robotic surgery close to home. Wellstar Health System launched a new robotic surgery program at Wellstar Paulding Medical Center.

“We’re thrilled to offer access to game-changing da Vinci robotic surgery at Wellstar Paulding Medical Center for the first time in history,” said Ralph Turner, Wellstar senior vice president and president of Wellstar Paulding Medical Center.

Robotic technology enables surgeons to make highly precise incisions smaller than the human hand can make — as tiny as a keyhole. As a result, people who have robotic surgery typically experience less blood loss, recovery pain and scarring.

“Robotic surgeries are minimally-invasive, which typically means shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries,” said Dr. Beau Dusseault, a urologist who leads the robotics program at Wellstar Paulding Medical Center.

He performed the first robotic surgery at the hospital, assisted by the $1.8 million da Vinci Xi Surgical System, on August 22. Dr. Dusseault has performed more than 440 robotic surgeries for prostate cancer and urinary tract conditions.

Experienced urologists and general surgeons are the first to offer robotic surgery at Wellstar Paulding Medical Center, primarily treating:

  • Cancers such as prostate, kidney and bladder cancers
  • Conditions in the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract
  • Hernias and other conditions that require general surgery

The surgical team named the robot “Rosie,” a reference to the robotic maid from the 1960s sitcom “The Jetsons.” It is one of 14 robotic systems patients can benefit from at nine Wellstar locations.

“While our robotic surgery program is new to Paulding, we have high-volume robotic experience that we are bringing from the other Wellstar hospitals,” Dr. Dusseault added.

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