Wellstar Health System and Augusta University Health System (AUHS) are pleased to announce that today is our first day as a unified system. AUHS will now be known locally as Wellstar MCG Health. Together, Wellstar and Wellstar MCG Health will revolutionize healthcare and enhance the well-being of communities across Georgia. This transformative partnership is set to make a significant impact on the lives of people throughout the state.

Through this partnership, we are committed to investing in cutting-edge medical facilities and infrastructure, strengthening collaborations with rural hospitals, and providing greater access to digital health services and top-notch clinical care, such as the exceptional pediatric care offered by Wellstar and Children’s Hospital of Georgia. Most importantly, we’re focused on addressing the unique needs of each person and community we serve as effectively and compassionately as possible.

Our vision doesn’t stop there. This partnership also represents a powerful alliance between Wellstar Health System, the University System of Georgia, Wellstar MCG Health and one of the nation’s best public medical schools, Augusta University’s Medical College of Georgia (MCG), to propel medical education and research forward. By continuing to build on the rich legacy of MCG and creating new opportunities for more physicians to be trained in a modern clinical environment, we are addressing physician shortages in our local communities and contributing to solving this challenge nationwide.

The possibilities that lie ahead are extraordinary, and we can’t wait to expand our shared commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of the people we serve across our great state. We are forging a path toward a brighter, healthier future for Georgia and beyond.

This statement is issued jointly by:

Sonny Perdue, chancellor, the University System of Georgia

Candice L. Saunders, FACHE, president and chief executive officer of Wellstar Health System

Brooks A. Keel, Ph.D., acting chief executive officer of Augusta University Health System and president of Augusta University