Kandra Carter and her husband were thrilled to welcome their daughter, Karley, last fall despite Kandra’s diagnosis with polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal condition that can cause issues with infertility. Understanding her medical history, Kandra knew she would need care throughout her pregnancy that was tailored to her unique needs, and working with a doula would ensure she had support and an advocate. She was aware of the doula program at Wellstar and asked her midwife to connect her with someone who might be a good fit for her. That’s how she found Naima Bond, a certified holistic doula. Kandra’s connection to Naima was immediate. She loved her personality and quickly felt comfortable, so trusting her with the very special job of helping navigate her birth journey felt natural.

A few weeks before her due date, Kandra attended a routine doctor’s appointment and was told her blood pressure was high and she might have to deliver her baby sooner than expected. She called Naima, who gave her words of encouragement and helped ease her stress. Once in labor, the baby’s position began to change and the natural delivery she’d planned seemed unlikely. Kandra was clear with Naima that she wanted to do everything they could to avoid a cesarean delivery, so Naima was prepared to help navigate the situation with Kandra’s labor and delivery team. Together, they were able to find a solution that helped move the baby back to a safe position for a natural birth.

But Naima’s support didn’t stop there. A few weeks post-delivery, Kandra checked her blood pressure using an at-home monitoring device gifted to her by Naima. Cardiovascular complications can cause hypertension and other issues for new moms. Seeing that her blood pressure was elevated, Kandra was able to reach out to Naima to get the care she needed before it became a problem.

Naima’s presence and advocacy afforded Kandra the additional time and support she needed along her pregnancy journey, especially in the critical moments when she needed care the most. Today, both mom and baby are happy and healthy.

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