Wellstar North Fulton (WNF) Medical Center recently held a reception to share the hospital’s vision and its impact on the North Fulton community, especially through the Neuro, Emergency and Trauma programs.

While touting the world-class care of the hospital to a room full of friends and supporters, WNF CEO, Jon-Paul Croom shared his own personal story of his family’s first-hand experience with the Wellstar Neurology Critical Care Unit. His mother recently suffered a stroke and received expert neuro care from WNF Neurosurgeon, Dr. Benjamin Zussman and his team.

“I still get emotional just thinking about what could’ve happened to my mother if she had not gotten in that Uber to come to WNF when she did,” Croom said.

As she began to experience abnormal symptoms, she called her son who told her she was likely having a stroke. While he was in the midst of making plans to have her transported to WNF, she called him back to say she was in an Uber on the way to the hospital. Thankfully, his mother’s story had a happy ending, but he cautioned everyone in the room that “If you or someone you know thinks they’re having a stroke, please don’t call Uber, call 9-11.”

There were others in the room that evening who also attested to the expert neuro care they received at WNF, including the international pianist who performed at the reception. He shared how lucky he feels to be back to playing after he suffered a stroke during a concert in Ireland a few years ago.

As the market leader in neurology care, Wellstar provides healthcare for 25% of all local inpatient neuro patients. From the treatment of migraines, back pain, and brain tumors to complex cerebrovascular disease, Wellstar serves anyone who experiences disorders of the brain, spine, and nervous system. In fact, the Wellstar system is home to the largest Joint Commission certified stroke network with Kennestone and North Fulton designated as Comprehensive Stroke Centers.

Wellstar is doing big things to ensure the communities we serve have access to innovative care that meets every person’s unique needs. But we can’t do it alone – it takes unprecedented collaboration from the philanthropic community, supporters, and friends of Wellstar.

If you would like to support neuro care at Wellstar North Fulton or an area of service that is most important to you, you can make a one-time tax-deductible donation or become a monthly supporter. You can even designate where you’d like your funds to go. To give, visit wellstar.org/donate.