As a Hall of Fame basketball star, Dominique Wilkins knows what it takes to stay on top of his game. He’s even nicknamed “The Human Highlight Film” for his legendary slam dunks and athletic ability on the court.

Performing at such a high level, he felt invincible. But after receiving a type 2 diabetes diagnosis at age 40, Dominique was caught completely off-guard.

Turns out, even the pros are at risk for chronic conditions.

“When I was diagnosed with diabetes a year after I retired, it was frightening because both my father and grandfather passed away from type 1 diabetes,” he shared. “It quickly changed my life.”

Dominique didn’t let the news stop him from taking charge of his health. He turned his diagnosis into determination.

Dominique has focused on becoming the healthiest version of himself by eating right, exercising regularly and taking medication.

Ever since teaming up with Wellstar, his rebound has been doubly impressive. Here, he’s found expert care and support to help him live a full, healthy life.

Don’t wait until something bad happens before you have regular visits to the doctor. One of the most important things you can do is build a relationship with your physician.

– Dominique Wilkins

NBA 75th Anniversary Team Honoree

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Becoming a preventative care pro

Dominique knows health isn’t a game, and staying well starts with having an established primary care provider.

“Before I was diagnosed, I hadn’t been to the doctor in a while, he admitted. “Now, I make sure I go at least once a year for a wellness exam.”

Just like the coach on the basketball court, Wellstar primary care providers know the right play to protect your well-being for life.

Dr. Randolph Taylor II, Wellstar family medicine physician & sports medicine provider, helps Dominique take care of his health.

“When it comes to providing care, I’m the coach and the patient is the player. Together, we form a gameplan for success,” Dr. Taylor explained.

“Each individual is different,” he continued. “Even if another person is diagnosed with diabetes like Dominique, the two could have completely different treatment plans.”

For Dominique, physical activity has been major in managing his diabetes.

“I make fitness part of my life,” he said. “I always get activity in when I can and make it a priority.”

Together, Dr. Taylor and Dominique have created a care plan that helps the basketball pro stay at the top of his game.

“Dr. Taylor is great,” Dominique said. “He’s one of the few doctors I’ve met that actually goes into detail and explains what I need to do to manage my diabetes.”

The personalized care has made a true difference in Dominique’s everyday life, helping him be healthy for his family and keep up on the court.

Staying ahead of health issues

Preventative care has become a key part of Dominique’s gameplan. That means seeing his provider before a medical concern happens.

“The goal of primary care is prevention,” Dr. Taylor said, explaining how he helps catch potential problems early with screenings.

It’s important people don’t put off their medical appointments — especially men, who are notorious for skipping annual check-ups.

“Unfortunately, men are less likely to visit their primary care provider,” Dr. Taylor said, sharing the troubling fact.

“Many men have a ‘superhero’ mentality and think they don’t need to see a doctor regularly,” Dr. Taylor explained. “Other men may be fearful of visiting the doctor in general.”

This trend can be especially alarming for African American men who may be more susceptible to certain chronic conditions, including diabetes. In fact, African American adults are 60% more likely than non-Hispanic white adults to be diagnosed with diabetes by a physician.

Dominique checks in on his health stats regularly and makes it a point to prioritize his well-being.

“Don’t wait until something bad happens before you have regular visits to the doctor,” Dominique urged.

“One of the most important things you can do is build a relationship with your physician,” he shared. “When you form a partnership over time with your provider, you can feel more confident and comfortable being open about your health.”

With Wellstar on his team, Dominique is winning big when it comes to his health.

“I’m proud and happy to be part of the Wellstar family.”