No one can anticipate an unforeseen crisis, tragedy or loss. But when the unexpected happens, donations to the Wellstar Foundation provide critical relief to team members in need through the Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF). The EAF offers financial assistance to team members following an unexpected crisis, such as extended medical leave, the loss of a loved one or — in Donnel Solomon’s case, a house fire.
Donnel, who goes by Solomon, works in security and has served at several Wellstar medical centers over the years. While Solomon is often the go-to guy for strength and security, his own safety was at risk on one normal October day in 2021. Solomon and his son were making dinner when they stepped away briefly and returned to the entire room engulfed in flames. By the time the fire department arrived, the damage was severe and the kitchen was unsalvageable. Thankfully, both Solomon and his son were not harmed.
As Solomon looked around his kitchen, the fear of the cost of rebuilding began to creep in. He started to worry that he wouldn’t be able to pay his insurance deductible on top of his regular expenses.
But Solomon knew he did not have to face these uncertainties alone.
As a longtime supporter of the Wellstar Foundation, Solomon was familiar with the EAF, created to help team members facing situations like this, and reached out to the Center for Family Resources, who administers the EAF. As long as funds are available and the team member is benefit-eligible with an evaluated need, no one is turned away.
The support Solomon received provided him financial peace and emotional relief during this difficult time. Amazingly, the repair was completed in time for him to enjoy a priceless memory — Thanksgiving with his family in his restored kitchen.
“I have always believed that you should give what you can to help others. That’s why I started donating to the Wellstar Foundation the first day I joined Wellstar — I just never thought I would be the one benefiting from the generosity of those who also give. I am grateful to Wellstar and all the team members and community supporters who make the Emergency Assistance Fund possible. This support truly helped my family when we didn’t know where else to turn, so I know firsthand how meaningful it is to everyone who receives this relief when it is needed most.”
Solomon joins thousands of team members in giving to the Foundation through Team Member Giving, the Foundation’s easy donation option for team members wishing to give back through automatic payroll deduction. Last year, the Foundation assisted 422 team members —– 33% more than the previous year — for a total of more than $644,000 in EAF support.
You can help make a difference for team members like Solomon by contributing to the EAF and participating in Team Member Giving. Donations are tax-deductible and enrollment is easy when you stop by one of the Foundation’s Appreciation events this February or enroll online. Simply visit for the event schedule or for more information.
Want to learn more about the EAF? Watch the video below or contact the Center for Family Resources to schedule a confidential interview with a trained service worker at (770) 428-2601.

Wellstar Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund